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Funeral Catering Oakville

Planning for a simple birthday can be difficult. A funeral catering is, however much more complex and demanding. This case is especially true if you have to do the planning without outsourced services. You have to juggle between the stress of reeling a loss and managing the financial and operational conditions of funeral catering in Oakville. It is, therefore, better to use an outside catering service that benefits you in essential ways. 

Importance of outsourcing funeral-catering services

Ease stress

Professional caterers will provide you with every resource and assistance needed to make a perfect funeral reception. Preparing food is only one aspect of catering. You also need to plan the preparation, cleaning, serving, and portioning. A professional team will help in the following ways.

  • Determining the best kind of foods – A funeral can take up the right amount of the day. You may need full meals, drinks, and snacks. A caterer will have numerous delicious options.
  • Determining the best amount of food – Food portioning is essential when you receive an overwhelming and unexpected number of guests. Additionally, small children will have food sizes that are different from that of an adult.
  • Working within a manageable budget
  • Serving food during an overwhelming period 

Factors to consider while planning a funeral-catering event

Reasons to have funeral catering in Oakville

Reception is an excellent opportunity to spend time with family members that you have not seen for a long time. It is the best time to reminisce about the life of the person who has passed away. The reception is a casual and relaxed space to change the mood of the occasion from sadness to appreciation of sharing a memory of the person.

Location of the reception

The site can be at the home of the family, a religious location, or a public place. Some funeral homes have a location that holds the reception of funerals. The caterer will coordinate with the location’s owner or management before beginning the planning process. 

Food and beverage providence

It is common for funerals to serve drinks for all ages of people at the event. Some families will be particular about the types of foods and beverages, while others will give the caterer options on how to prepare the best kind. 

Some religious groups will restrict certain drinks, serving styles, and foods under their doctrines. Mormons may incline potato casserole while Jews will eat eggs and abstain from alcohol. Muslims will not eat pork, and certain Christian groups will like Soya tea. Parlato’s catering will take into consideration all the determinant factors of your group while planning a catering service. 

Why choose Parlato’s Catering

Our team has enough sensitization to various aspects of cultural cuisines. We readily accept the differentiation of cuisines as an Italian catering group. Our team has high adherence to integrity and will maintain the tone of your event and practice of the family. Our planning services can accommodate a vast number of guests as well as a small and private funeral reception.


Funeral Catering Oakville

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